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Sailing Into the Future

Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center

Sailing, windsurfing and paddleboarding is becoming more and more popular with young people. That has resulted in an increased demand for youth sailing classes and prompted a request from the Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center for an updated website. The goal was twofold: 1) a fresh, updated site and 2) online registration capability. We put our crew to work.

Sailing Into the Future Header Image

All Hands On Deck

Set against the beautifully dramatic backdrop of Lake Michigan, sailboats glide along like graceful birds. That’s the beauty and sense of adventure we set out to capture on the website with fresh, engaging imagery. Concise, yet inviting, copy was a must as well. The key element, however, was providing user-friendly class registration, volunteer signup, and donation and sponsorship options.

Charting a New Course

To provide registration capability, our developers employed FoxyStripe, an e-commerce module for SilverStripe created by Dynamic, and configured it to track registration to build a database. Youth and adults are able to easily view the class list and progression, fees, information and register online. We also added e-newsletter signup as well as photo albums.

Sailing Into the Future Header Image

Sailing Into the Future Header Image

Reaching Their Full Potential

The client was pleased with the clean, inviting and comprehensive website. More than 170 people have registered for classes on the site, and with the content management training provided, the sailing organization’s staff is able to conduct self-maintenance of the site and track participants’ class progression and accomplishments.

Smooth Sailing Charting A New Course

Class registration and tracking enables the staff to plan and schedule courses to meet the demand of youth sailors.

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