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Our Vision

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We need to continue to collaborate to build a stronger Party from the grassroots up so we re-elect Senator Tammy Baldwin, replace Scott Walker as Governor, and elect Democrats up and down the ticket by:

Connecting our DPW Regional Organizers with county leaders, party activists, and our nonprofit partners to support effective actions that will both help us win in November of 2018 and strengthen the long-term progressive fabric of Wisconsin.

Increasing the effectiveness of candidate development by continuing to expand the services of our Candidate Services team. Our off-year coordination activities will be enhanced by developing our Turn on the Off Year initiatives of connecting with Candidate Development Coordinators and County Communication Coordinators across the state.

Ensuring a strong Democratic message is delivered in every district  by putting a candidate in every race across Wisconsin which will also help secure every blue vote our statewide candidates need.

Partnering with leaders in communities of color, through our newly hired Constituency Outreach Organizer, to collaborate and organize with them on initiatives and build our collective voice.

Developing campaign resources and engaging students at Wisconsin colleges and universities

Expanding efforts in 2017 to build a robust and effective Voter File (VAN), including recovering data from GOTV walk lists, cross-referencing databases, and other innovations.

✓ Strengthening county and DPW relationships by providing timely communication and support.

Innovating and expanding how we take our value-based messages to voters using our message library and one-to-one persuasion campaigns as well as traditional/social media

Maximizing the effectiveness of local activities through the implementation of a “best practices” book for candidates.

Initiating community organizing training programs that understand state and local social networks and structures and work to build local grassroots teams to influence issues and local/state/national elections

Engaging donors from all socioeconomic backgrounds to increase fundraising efforts

Join us and we’ll send Democrats to Washington and Madison in 2018!