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August 29, 2013

Open Graph: Make Your Website Pop on Social Sites

Control how Social Media sites preview your site links

Social Media is a great way to promote your business website, but you have very little control over how link previews appear in your posts. Did Facebook include the image you wanted? Did Twitter include a description that accurately described the link to your site? With the recently introduced Open Graph tags, the control is back in your hands.

Under The Hood

For some time, search engines have allowed you to use website meta tags to control how your website is displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). When you search for a website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, the display title and description can be controlled through the title and description meta tags.

Open Graph tags work in the same fashion as meta tags, but are used for specifying the appearance of links to your website on social media sites. OG tags are special meta tags that are included in the head of your webpage, instructing social media platforms on what information you want to have displayed. This keeps social media sites from choosing an unwanted photo or description to display with the link to a page on your website.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Appearance has been a proven factor in the success of clicks on a social media post. The more attractive a link appears, the more likely a viewer will click on it.

On top of the title and description, OG tags also let you specify an image, video, or audio file to display with the chosen link to add even more incentive for a viewer to click the link and enter your website.

The pages on a website that will benefit most from Open Graph tags are the home page, product details pages, news articles, and event pages. These pages are most likely going to contain the kind of information that not only you would want to create a direct link to, but entities outside your company may want to as well.

Open Graph tags allow you to control your brand image and encourage traffic to your web pages with controlled content on social media. Next time you post an event on Facebook or Twitter, you can now provide an attractive link back to your website to include with the post.

Learn More

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Learn more about the Open Graph Protocol.

By Trevor Irish, Account Coordinator & Analytics

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