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October 12, 2011

Custom Design & Engineering Company Revamps Its Web Presence

As a creative design and engineering company that produces custom displays, prototypes, furniture and other goods, ConceptWorks desired a website that showcased their vast capabilities which focus on turning a client's “ideas into reality” from start to finish though concepting, designing and engineering. 

ConceptWorks approached Dynamic to provide their company with a complete front-end and back-end redesign. While the site they had at the time offered their customers a decent overview of ConceptWorks and their services, ConceptWorks felt that the overall look and experience of the site did not properly reflect their capabilities as a company. Dynamic audited the existing site in order to identify which elements were working well, and which elements could be improved upon. After adjusting the link structure so that information was more easily accessible, Dynamic transitioned into the visual design phase.

Once a design was approved, Dynamic’s development team started the heavy-lifting. Dynamic coded the front-end using “the whole nine yards,” as one of the developers put it, to create a clean, engaging experience for the end user. This was accomplished using custom HTML5, CSS3, and clever uses of jQuery and Ajax: functionality which can be seen on the Home Page and Case Studies Page animations, as well as the dynamically loading gallery on the Case Studies page.

The end result, viewable at, was a search engine-optimized website with an uncluttered layout, descriptive imagery and custom animations, all designed to load quickly and correctly in modern browsers. Dynamic also included a custom content management system which allows ConceptWorks to update their own website with ease.

ConceptWorks designs and engineers custom products. From concept, to prototype and final design, their mission is to exceed their customers’ expectations in quality, timing and workmanshop through innovative thinking and a relentless desire to be the best at what they do.

Dynamic is a web solutions provider that creates elegant, innovative websites and marketing campaigns to help clients build their business online. A full-service resource for website concept and development, domain registration, web hosting, e-mail marketing and social media marketing, Dynamic has the expertise to grow your business.

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