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June 15, 2011

Construction Company Builds Strong Web Presence With Site Revamp

McMullen & Pitz Construction Company, based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, already had an existing website when they approached Dynamic for a possible redesign. Their main areas of focus were the overall design of the site including its navigational complexity, and the creation of an intranet. Secondary, but still important, was McMullen & Pitz's desire for the ability to self-manage website updates--something they couldn't do with their existing site.

Following the initial consultation, McMullen & Pitz charged Dynamic to help them update the site with a sharper look, easier navigation and an intranet with do-it-yourself capabilities.

The redesigned website features a rugged, yet clean look with horizontal navigation across the top of the page. The home
page holds three images that slide away to reveal links to prominent pages on the site.

The intranet's functionality revolves around the need for McMullen & Pitz to be able to communicate and share files with their clients within a private area that is inaccessible to the public. This includes having the ability to create login accounts for new business acquisitions. McMullen & Pitz desired more than just email communication; they wanted a place where they could upload large files and push them out to clients.

The site was built using CSS, AJAX, and HTML5 and is optimized to load quickly and be easily found via search engines.

McMullen & Pitz Construction Company continues to be a family-owned and operated business with a rich history of providing marine and heavy construction services throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

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