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October 26, 2011

A Dynamic Redesign

In the world of digital agencies, the motto of “clients first” makes perfect sense. That said, as Dynamic grew in both size and capabilities, they realized that they would have to turn their attention inward and update their own website to better reflect their list of services, as well as providing a comprehensive design update.

Dynamic planned out the idea for the new site as time allowed. The process of design took several months, not because of the scope of the project, but because of the balance that had to be struck between working on their own material and completing client-centered projects.

After collectively choosing a design that was both minimalist and drastically different from the then-current design of their site, they began the development phase and used php, html, html5, CSS3 and jquery to lay out the site and create a creative and simple user experience. On the homepage, visible at http://dynamicdoes.com, users are greeted with two main navigation buckets---titled “Does” and “Is”---that will take them deeper into the sections of the site.

The “Is” section of the site contains news, information about the agency and methods to contact them. The “Does” section showcases their work, services and lists a number of their current clientele.

The website launch coincided with a significant milestone for the company: the celebration of their five-year anniversary. In addition to updating their desktop site, Dynamic launched a new version of their mobile site which reflected the content incorporated into the new desktop design.

Dynamic is a web solutions provider that creates elegant, innovative websites and marketing campaigns to help clients build their business online. A full-service resource for website concept and development, domain registration, web hosting, e-mail marketing and social media marketing, Dynamic has the expertise to grow your business.


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