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SilverStripe Locator Module

Be Visible

The Locator module displays a filterable map of locations. You can choose whether to show all locations on load, or enable auto geocoding to filter the list based on the visitor's location.

SilverStripe Locator on Github.

SilverStripe Locator Module Header Image

Maps Made Easy

Create a Locator page in the CMS. Locations are managed under the Locations tab in the CMS via Model Admin. Simply enter the name and address of each location, and they will appear on the map.

SilverStripe Locator Module Header Image

Power Your Apps

Add an API and have Locator to power your mobile apps.

The Sheep Finder app is powered by the Locator module and the SilverStripe RestfulServer module.

Free and Open Source

Locator is available for free as an open source module for SilverStripe. You can get the code at GithubPackagist, or SilverStripe Add-Ons.

Locator is built to be easily extended and customized by SilverStripe developers. We encourage developers to fork Locator on GitHub and submit pull requests.

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