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SilverStripe HTML5 Video

Video On All The Devices

SilverStripe HTML5Video is a SilverStripe module to add HTML5 Video to your website.

Show off your videos in a great HTML5 video player on any device.

Documentation on Github.

SilverStripe HTML5 Video Header Image

Amazing HTML5 Player

HTML5Video uses the amazing VideoJS player, an open source JavaScript library for working with web video. It has HTML/CSS video player controls and a JavaScript API that work the same with HTML5, Flash, and other playback technologies.

For those without modern browsers, VideoJS provides a Flash fallback, making sure everyone can watch.

Cover Your Bases

HTML5Video allows you to upload multiple file formats, so you can serve video to any platform. Formats include MP4, WebM and Ogg.

Add the SilverStripe ChunkedUploadField module for large file uploads, and upload all of your video via the CMS. 

SilverStripe HTML5 Video Header Image

Free and Open Source

SilverStripe HTML5Video is available for free as an open source module for SilverStripe. You can get the code at Github.

HTML5Video is built to be easily extended and customized by SilverStripe developers. We encourage developers to fork HTML5Video on GitHub and submit pull requests.

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