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FoxyStripe brings the power of FoxyCart to SilverStripe

FoxyCart provides you with a flexible, powerful, customizable, and secure ecommerce platform. FoxyStripe provides a SilverStripe-managed product catalog, and a FoxyCart powered shopping cart.

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FoxyStripe Ecommerce Header Image

Manage Your Product Catalog in SilverStripe

Your product catalog is managed in the SilverStripe CMS, allowing you to easily add a store to any SilverStripe website. Customize your products by adding any number of options, such as size or color, or modify the price, weight or code of a product based on the customer’s selections. Encourage more sales by setting up discounts based on the quantity ordered. Showcase your products with an attractive, cross-device image gallery.

Customers can login and view their order history, with access to all order receipts.

Manage Your Orders with FoxyCart

FoxyStripe integrates with FoxyCart to handle the cart, checkout and orders for your store. This allows you to leverage all the awesome features and integrations offered by FoxyCart, letting you set up your store exactly how you want it.

Choose from over 70 payment processors and methods to accept payment. Flexible shipping is built in, including live shipping rates from all major carriers. Calculate and collect sales tax. Boost your sales with coupon codes. Security is a breeze as customer data is safe and secure on FoxyCart’s PCI compliant platform.

FoxyStripe also allows you to enable more advanced integrations with FoxyCart, including two-way single sign on and cart encryption.

FoxyStripe Ecommerce Header Image

Free and Open Source

FoxyStripe is available for free as an open source module for SilverStripe. You can get the code at GithubPackagist, or SilverStripe Add-Ons.

FoxyStripe is built to be easily extended and customized by SilverStripe developers. We encourage developers to fork FoxyStripe on GitHub and submit pull requests.

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