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What People Are Saying

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April 5, 2017

I am proud to announce my ongoing support for the ticket of Martha Laning and David Bowen as Chair and Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW).  Martha and David share my vision to empower people for a stronger and more prosperous Wisconsin.

I sat down with Martha when she was first elected to discuss her plan to help the Fourth Congressional District.  I was impressed then by her plan, and I continue to be impressed with the desire and commitment to execute that plan - a plan that begins with the People of Wisconsin. Within her first year, Martha has strengthened the services DPW traditionally offered candidates while adding additional services to ensure all candidates have support for their campaigns.

In just 2 years, a year-round field team was hired to organize and harness the energy that people all over the state are feeling to stop the actions of President Trump and his political partners in Wisconsin.  I am also impressed by the team’s demonstrated commitment to communities of color by hiring a Constituency Outreach Organizer to engage underserved communities year-round.

The changes implemented by Martha and her team are absolutely building the foundation Wisconsin needs to succeed. It is my pleasure to announce my ongoing confidence in the leadership of Martha Laning and David Bowen, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.


U.S. Representative Gwen Moore
4th Congressional District

April 7, 2017

Martha Laning and David Bowen have my support for reelection as Chair and Vice Chair of the DPW. 

Since taking on this job, Martha has worked hard to build Party infrastructure, create coalitions with County Party leaders, grassroots organizers, and Assembly & Senate Democrats, and raise the funds to support the strategy crafted. Her willingness to listen and work collaboratively has produced a powerful plan for our state. I have confidence in the plan that has been developed and feel strongly that Wisconsin Democrats will prosper under Martha's leadership. I support the reelection of the hard-working, intelligent, and tactical team of Martha Laning and David Bowen. 


State Senator Mark Miller

March 26, 2017

I am proud and excited to endorse Martha Laning for Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Martha has shown a strong ability to identify areas that need improvement and then is able to get to work on those areas in a fast, efficient and productive fashion. She has been working very hard to create a County and member focused Democratic Party of Wisconsin as evidenced by her effort to assist County Parties with training and support for local party offices.

The recent hiring of a Statewide Field Organizer and Regional Field Organizers shows Martha's commitment to being ready for the 2018 elections. Her plan of having continued Candidate Services staff, shows that she is committed to developing a stronger Democratic Party that is engaging in local elections and building the structure and contacts needed to be successful in State Legislative elections.

Martha's commitment to fundraising has made these programs possible. I am proud to endorse Martha Laning for Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.


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Penny Bernard Schaber

 April 6, 2017

Martha Laning is building a stronger Democratic Party in Wisconsin that we all can be proud of.  She said she desired to see DPW be more inclusive, supportive, and responsive. To me, she has delivered on her promise, making her talk her walk - and DPW stronger every day. 

Martha's responsiveness is demonstrated by her willingness to travel thousands of miles and listen to the hundreds of people on the front lines all over Wisconsin.  She went and listened to the people on the ground and then added the supports and resources to empower them to create the change we need to see in our party and our state.  

She is building a stronger DPW not only in responsiveness, but also in our inclusiveness! Martha has helped move us from a party that talked diversity, while lacking it in our own DPW office and in our intern pool. Now, a quarter of the DPW staff are from underrepresented communities.  

Without question, Martha's talk meets her walk, and she represents the values that make us Democrats! Her efforts not only make us a stronger DPW, but her commitment to keep us growing even stronger each day is why I am proud to endorse her in her reelection as Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 


State Senator Lena Taylor
District 4

April 3, 2017

I am writing to express my full support for Martha Laning in her bid for re-election as Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW). In 2016 I was the Democratic Candidate for the 6th Congressional District. The work that Martha Laning did to reach out to me as a candidate and provide assistance was important in my race. At DPW Martha created new positions on staff to support candidates, which proved to be key in navigating the details of running for office. In the past DPW has not had a focus on the federal-level Congressional races, leaving party support to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). When it was clear that there would be no support for my race from the national party level, Martha stepped in and made resources available and she and her staff helped in my communication with the coordinated campaign. She did not have to do this, but she did, and this shows her commitment to supporting candidates up and down the ticket. 

I was not successful in my race and we had many defeats in the 2016 election. Certainly, there is plenty of analysis about what went wrong and what could be done better. Martha Laning has earned my support because of what she did in the aftermath of the November 2016 disappointments. She conducted a set of post-election sessions across the state to really listen to what candidates and local volunteers had experienced and what they wanted improved. This is the type of leadership and organization that I support -- listening to the diverse voices and not being afraid to hear criticism and critique. Now we are seeing what Martha Laning is doing with the information that she and her staff gathered. Martha is taking action to guide resources to regional organizers that can keep momentum and energy going around the Democratic platform on a consistent basis and not just at election time. This is a critical improvement for Wisconsin and I thank Martha for all of her efforts to listen to the party members and volunteers and work for positive changes that we can all get behind.



Sarah Lloyd

April 10, 2017

Under Martha Laning’s leadership the DPW started working closely with Democratic legislators, supporting and spreading the word about our work for excellent public schools, a level playing field for workers and consumers, a sustainable future and local control of community decisions.

The teamwork Martha has nurtured has made our party stronger. The Democratic State Party infrastructure she is building to support our county parties and local candidates will help Democrats win elections next year and in years to come. 

With warm regards,


State Senator Kathleen Vinehout
District 31

April 12, 2017

I confidently choose Martha Laning to continue her work as DPW Chair.  I met Martha through the process of becoming a Bernie Sanders Delegate.  At the Democratic National Convention, she went above and beyond what was necessary to give berniecrats all the tools necessary to create lasting reform within the party. Martha has worked side by side with me in establishing a progressive caucus, ensuring that we have a lasting, meaningful voice within the party.

She has already engaged a plan to ensure there is electorate outreach in every community. Regional directors are reaching out to community activists all across the state and handing the keys to the people. She understands local voices are more effective than out of town coordinated campaign representatives trying to earn trust. I know this because I am working with a regional director.

Martha has raised over 1 million dollars to grow the party and improve infrastructure so all of this and more is possible.  Martha has us on the correct path and it is imperative that we keep moving forward.



Matthew LaRonge
Progressive Caucus

I am proud to endorse Martha Laning for Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Martha has proven that she believes in the power and necessity of the county parties by traveling the state, meeting with candidates, county leaders and volunteers.  She listened to our concerns and implemented solutions to address them. 

Her commitments to local elections are proven with the hiring of a Statewide Field Organizer and Regional Organizers.  Martha has sent the Candidate Service Staff around the state, holding trainings for volunteers and candidates. Martha’s leadership expanded the Red to Blue program, thus allowing additional candidates assistance with their campaigns.

Martha’s ability to fundraise made these programs possible and that ability will be crucial for the upcoming elections. 


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Chair Winnebago County Democratic Party.

"I have watched Martha Laning and David Bowen work behind the scene with coalition partners such as grassroots groups and unions during recent elections. I have watched them assemble a team of dedicated, young, and a few older, people who are enthusiastic about growing a strong Democratic Party in Wisconsin. I was fortunate to be able to attend the County Chairs Association meeting this winter and take some of the well done workshops they are now offering to members around the state. She was elected as an outsider to strengthen the Democratic Party of Wisconsin outside of Milwaukee and Madison. She is building the infrastructure to do just that. Change is rarely easy or quick. Martha and David have laid the foundation and I believe they deserve the chance to finish the job they have begun."

~ Colleen Robson, Chair, Walworth County

“I’m thrilled to see that Martha’s willing to continue as Chair of the Party. Martha is incredibly creative and responsive to the needs of the grassroots organizations who know our constituency. Martha has included us in setting goals for the party and helped us achieve those goals. This is not the time to make a change. Martha has put plans into action. We need to give Martha time to show that these plans are going to bring about real change and help us bring our state back to its blue roots.”

~ Eilene Stevens, Activist, Grassroots Northshore Chair

“As a life-long grass roots organizer, I am proud to support Martha Laning for State Chair.  She has walked the walk with grassroots groups, supporting us and including us.  We need Martha to continue to build a team that can pull together disparate groups and win back the State.”

~ Eric Sundquist, Grassroots activist, Madison O’s; Vice Chair of Communications, Dane Dems

“Martha is the best! Martha is focused on fundraising and assisting candidates with the best training and back up. As a candidate, Martha made sure I had the best resources available. Now I serve as a county party leader and again Martha is there making sure we are all successful with the latest ideas!!”

~Nancy Stencil, Marathon Democratic Party Chair

“Martha Laning has been a tireless advocate for working people in the state of Wisconsin. We are proud to support her for Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Laning was first elected chair in June of 2015 and has used her time in office to grow the party and create the infrastructure to win elections. AFSCME Council 32 PEOPLE PAC strongly recommends supporting her as DPW Chair.”  

~ Rick Badger, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 32

“With Martha’s leadership, there is finally a sense of momentum and a strategy that covers the entire state. We must stay focused and be ready to fight harder than ever. Martha is the person we need as Chair of the DPW.”

~ State Senator Janet Bewley, District 25

“Martha Laning and David Bowen have made intentional efforts to ensure the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is the party of inclusion and acceptance. Their efforts have led to a more racially diverse staff that can truly represent and understand the communities in which they work in.”

 ~ Dakota Hall, Organizer, MICAH-Milwaukee