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In 2015, I pledged to develop new messaging, build unity in our party, and strengthen our ability to engage DPW members at every level of our party. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made building a stronger infrastructure. Though the 2016 election results weren’t what we hoped, I know that the DPW is in a stronger position to tackle the challenges ahead of us.

As DPW Chair, I have:

✓     Established our Candidate Service Team to recruit, train, and support Democrats in all districts.

✓     Launched a year-round Organizing Team in Spring of 2017 that will work with county parties and neighborhood activists across Wisconsin to support candidates, advocate for issues we care about, and get a strong, values-driven Democratic message out across Wisconsin.

✓     Created Communications Team to provide Discussion/Talking Points, articles, messaging guidance and ‘News You Can Use’ for Party leaders and activists to easily share through their social media outlets and in grassroots organizing.

✓     Communicated in weekly Chair updates with Party members and activists regarding important issues and events.

✓     Expanded DPW opposition research and digital outreach capacity for Party leaders and candidates. This is available on a year-round basis.

✓     Strengthened collaboration with and support of local leaders

✓     Raised over $1 million to grow DPW staff and capacity to support new programs and improve party infrastructure.

✓     Worked with county parties providing them an organizing guide, support and resources like the VAN grant.

✓     Set up a message library featuring strong, values-driven, messages that are updated for use by Party leaders, candidates and volunteers.

✓     Provided candidate and volunteer training opportunities for all districtsincluding financial reporting and VAN support.

✓     Created a flexible Turn On The Off Year 10-point plan to build long-term infrastructure that supports county parties and grassroots organizing.

✓     Grew DPW staff and provided professional development to enhance skills.

Immediately after the November election, DPW went straight to work preparing for the 2018 elections.

Integrated feedback from party activists, donors, candidates, and non-profit partners into our statewide strategies. The information was gathered during 11 meetings in 10 cities attended by more than 400 people over 9 weeks facilitated by state staff in 2016/2017. DPW also surveyed people who helped in the 2016 campaign through a survey  and received over 1,000 responses.

Listening Session Locations: Hayward, Eau Claire, Wausau,  Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Sheboygan, Dodgeville, Madison, and Milwaukee

Survey results and listening session commentary were analyzed and findings shared with County party leadership, Legislators, Admin and grassroots leaders at a retreat in March. Our Turn On the Off Year plan for building long-term infrastructure that supports county parties and grassroots organizing was also presented. Based on their feedback and suggestions we are making tweaks and implementing the program that will help us achieve electoral victories in 2018.

Our party is at the highest level of capacity and DPW staff skills in 15 years. I want to continue growing and building our effectiveness for victory in 2018.  It is imperative that we keep our momentum moving forward.