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Jason Korth

Jason Korth


Jason developed a love for the digital arts while still in high school. Originally from Clinton, WI, Jason pursued his interests and earned a bachelor’s degree in multimedia digital arts, a broad-based program that included coding, video editing, graphic design, Flash and animation from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. After graduating and completing an internship in his field, Jason spent two years in the Rockford, IL area as an independent contractor. He joined Dynamic in February of 2013 as junior developer. Jason currently resides in Sheboygan and enjoys gaming and playing guitar.


I’ve always been an advocate of having a broad knowledge base when it comes to multimedia and digital arts – whether building a website, animating in flash, or coding a custom application, the solutions for clients are most often integrated with one another. A diverse understanding of the medium encourages outside-of-the-box thinking that often leads to unique and creative solutions.

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